My story

I started this website to provide a resource that physicians can use to improve their approach to problem-solving by understanding why diagnostic errors occur. Many people think that diagnostic errors are random occurrences, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Diagnostic errors are both predictable and avoidable, often driven by the way we think or factors in our environment. We can use the information from this resource to strengthen our problem-solving skills, avoid cognitive biases, and restructure our workflow and environment to eliminate diagnostic errors.

Who am I?

My name is Jason Itri and I have spent the last 10+ years studying and learning about diagnostic errors. This website is an opportunity for me to share everything I've learned about errors with other physicians and health care providers so they can benefit from my knowledge and experience. All of the content in this site has been designed with one goal in mind - reducing diagnostic errors in image interpretation.

I have previously served as the Vice Chair of Patient Safety at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Director of Peer Review and Physician Performance at the University of Virginia (UVa) Health System, Vice Chair of Operations at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and Director of Quality and Safety at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  My roles with the American College of Radiology have included Chair of the General Radiology Information Database and Vice Chair of the Technical Expert Panel. I am a passionate advocate for improving quality and safety in healthcare with interests including diagnostic error, peer review, quality measure development, patient-centered radiology, and leadership development. I have received numerous awards including Teacher of the Year at UVa in radiology and have served on several ACGME committees including the Residency Review Committee, Milestones Committee, and Clinical Learning Environmental Review Committee.

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