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Every lecture incorporates adult-learning principles into a curriculum with goals, objectives, and assessment. Each lecture includes a short recorded video, articles, questions to assess knowledge, and explanations for each question.


Each case provides information available to the interpreting radiologist with questions designed to help improve your problem-solving skills. After you review a case, we provide information that will help you avoid making the same type of error, as well as resources for additional study.


This section contains links to useful websites and articles including all the articles in the diagnostic error curriculum.

Curriculum on diagnostic errors in imaging

Understanding cognitive bias

This introductory lecture provides a brief overview of the dual process theory, cognitive biases, and how failed heuristics contribute to errors

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Reducing malpractice risk

This lecture reviews standard of care as it applies to radiology, types of diagnostic errors that commonly lead to allegations of malpractice, and strategies to reduce malpractice risk

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case of the week

real cases of diagnostic error are uploaded the site each week. Cases are presented as unknowns to test your critical thinking skills.

Featured Case

This week's case is an enhanced CT of the abdomen and pelvis performed in the ER on a 63 year old female with abdominal pain and history of melanoma. The interpreting radiologist noted findings of diverticulitis and metastatic melanoma in the impression.

Can you identify any other important findings?

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